Resume of George E. Herman IV

CFO / Geophysicist / OSHA Certified


State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo, NY
Bachelor of Arts in Geology, May 1996
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Cartography/GIS, May 1996 (with distinction)


January 1998 - Present
 Staff Geologist/Geophysicist, Subsurface Surveys, San Diego, California.

Mr. Herman is responsible for survey design, data collection, interpretation, and mapping. Typical
projects involve seismic refraction/reflection, GPR, gravity, magnetics, electrical and electromagnetics

Mr. Herman has used magnetic methods to locate buried metallic objects and utilities. He has used
seismic refraction to delineate, bedrock contacts and for rippability surveys. He has used ground
penetrating radar to locate buried tanks and to evaluate road surface.  He has a strong background in geophysical
field methods, as well as geologic field methods and mapping.

Mr. Herman is familiar with the GIS software ArcView.




Subsurface Surveys & Associates