Subsurface Surveys undertakes a wide array of projects for the need of both private and public firms. Our extensive experience in shallow subsurface exploration include projects in a variety of fields including geotechnical, engineering/construction, archeological and natural resource exploration. We welcome the opportunity to participate in our client’s investigations, and are available to discuss geophysical applications and limitations.


    Enviromental Projects

•      Utility locating and mapping
•      USTs and buried waste container location
•      Borehole and excavation clearance
•      Spill and plume mapping
•      UXO projects
•      Abandoned oil and water well locating
•      Back-filled excavation locating

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  Engineering & Construction Projects

•      Landfill delineation and imaging
•      Rebar and post-tension cable mapping
•      Void detection
•      UST delineation and detection
•      Utility locating and mapping
•      Vibration and blast monitoring

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  Archeology & Forensic Projects

•      Ancient burial locating
•      Ancient buried dwelling/structure mapping
•      Evidence Location (hidden weapons or ammunition)
•      On staff certified board medico legal death investigator

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   Geologic Structure Mapping
•      Fault zone delineation
•      Bedrock fracture studies
•      Channel deposit mapping
•      Stratigraphic mapping
•      Site period analysis
•      Depth to bedrock studies
•      Rippability studies
•      Depth to ground water studies
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