Background: SubSurface Surveys & Associates, Inc., an applied geophysical firm, was established in December of 2004 through the acquisition of SubSurface Surveys. SubSurface Surveys was founded in 1988, by Dr. Gary Crosby, PhD, GP, and RG, who still continues to provide leadership and guidance to the everyday operations of the company. We are a privately owned small business specializing in geophysical data acquisition, processing, and interpretation in terms of real world geology.

Experience: Dr. Gary Crosby along with Phil Walen, our chief geophysicist, and Travis Crosby, our senior geophysicist at SubSurface Surveys and Associates, Inc. has a combined 110 years of experience in geophysical applications. The company has extensive experience in shallow exploratory geophysics, such as fault and geologic hazards investigations, tank and utility detection, water projects and well sightings, blast and vibration monitoring, archeological investigations, spill and plume mapping, forensic investigations, bedrock rippability, ordnance locations, and landfill mapping. Below is a table of our geophysical areas covered as well as our range of projects.

We maintain a broad range of geophysical field instrumentation and equipment. In-house computing facilities include a wide variety of hardware and software for geophysical data processing, contouring, plotting and presentation.

SubSurface Surveys and Associates, Inc personnel are trained and experienced, state registered, OSHA certified, and insured. We welcome the opportunity to participate in our client’s investigations, and are available to discuss geophysical application- and limitations


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