Line Tracing

Applications Include
Locating utilities for safe drilling, trenching and shoring

Where risers are present, say a vent line running up the side of a building, the utility locator transmitter can be connected to the object, and a current with a sharp frequency, normally 82 kHz, is impressed on the conductor pipe.  The receiver unit is tuned to the same frequency, and is traversed progressively to map the run of the conductor in it's underground leg, away from the riser.


Where live conduit is involved, an induction ring can be placed around the exposed riser and the signal with specific frequency is induced onto the electrical leads.  In a similar manner the underground leg is traced out with the receiver unit.

Where live electrical lines exist, ambient electro-magnetic waves are produced by the flowing electricity.  This em wave, usually 50-60 Hz is readily traced with the receiver unit


Utility map with cleared borehole locations.


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